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DTRA Minutes 9 February 2022 7-8pm on Zoom

Attendees: Alex Lipinski (Chair), Jeremy Hughes (Vice-chair), Karen Chahal (Secretary), Tom Harlos (Treasurer), Peter Bennet, Cecily Kirkland, David Newman, Rostam Sadaat, Richard Tarver, Cllr Haywood, Cllr Baines, Cllr Pegg,

Apologies: Cllr Abrishami, Maggie Lewis (Neighbourhood Watch)

1. Introductions

Everyone was welcomed. Alex thanked everyone for coming and David for hosting the meeting.

2. Minutes from previous meeting

· January’s minutes were approved.

· Cllr Haywood confirmed that there are no plans to change road access to the Rec Ground from Cavell Road.

3. Accounts

Tom updated meeting on the finances. All future payments will be made by bank transfers not cheque.

Tom has not made any DTRA payments yet as he was waiting to be briefed by Alex and Rostam. This has now been done and the spreadsheet is fully updated. Current bank total is £14,270 of which £13,277 is restricted for projects listed below. The total for unrestricted funds is £992.

· Digital Donnington £1,157

· 50+ Health & Welfare Project £2,331

· Rec Ground Pavilion Project £8,670

· Friends of Meadow Lane Nature Park £ 119

· Community Garden £1,000 (to be returned to donor as project stopped)

4. Bus Route

Local councillors are seeing what they can do regarding bus route 16 which has been cut. However, Cllr Heywood noted that bus route changes are the responsibility of the bus company, not City Council. Parliament will be discussing all bus cuts as it is happening all across England.

5. Digital Donnington

Digital Donnington is meeting weekly and the number of participants is over 30. They have had network meetings with Age UK. Currently working on a tech buddies program. Need volunteers to help out. Hopefully, will be able to give out 2nd hand laptops for people on benefits.

6. Active Reach

Phase 4 has been highly successful started off with 13 members now have 40. A researcher from Brookes University is very interested in how they are working with dementia. Will be looking into splitting the group into 2 on different days. Need volunteers to help members get to the community centre especially now as the bus routes have been cut.

7. AGM discussion

Cecily suggested we arrange a social event as part of the AGM in the hope of getting more people involved. The AGM needs to be held before 13 April. Action: Tom to contact the community centre to see what dates are available.

8. AOB

Cllr Pegg discussed a potential tree planning project in East Oxford. More details next meeting.

9. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be 7pm Wednesday 9th March 2022. To be determined whether to hold the meeting at the community centre or by Zoom.

DTRA Committee: Alex Lipinski (chair), Jeremy Hughes (vice-chair), Tom Harlos (treasurer), Karen Chahal (Secretary), Cecily Kirtland, David Newman, Peter Bennett