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DTRA Minutes 8th January 2020

Attendees – Alex Lipinski (chair), Jeremy Hughes (vice chair), Karen Chahal (Secretary), Cecily Kirkland, John Corble, Gloria Badcock, Maggie Lewis (Neighbourhood Watch), Caroline Gow, Pete Bennett, Cllr Steve Curran, Cllr Richard Tarver

Apologies – Wendy Hill, Tom Harlos, Berni Sordillo, Cllr Damian Haywood

1. Introductions

Everyone was welcomed

2. Minutes from previous meeting

Alex read the minutes from the previous meeting which were adopted.

Action points

• Cecily to follow up on Neighbourhood watch signs. ACTION Cecily to chase up.

• Over 50’s and Donnington Doorstep to go ahead with grandparents meeting. Action: in hand

• Date for Donnington day. Alex suggested Saturday 27th June at the field. Need to check availability at Donnington Community Centre in case weather is bad. Action Alex to ask Phil.

• Council to host Tenants Craft Day early in year. ACTION Alex to request Council to hold a Donnington Tenants Craft Day.

3. Accounts

The Treasurer was unable to attend but Alex confirmed they is no change in accounts. The Park project funds will depend on the welfare station for Donnington FC.

4. Green space project

Still no further development. Pete mentioned that it needs to start ASAP as birds will be nesting again so will cause more delay. Alex and Tom are hoping to talk to other nature spaces for information and help. ACTION: Alex to get an update from Tom.

5. Rec Ground

The Chair of Donnington FC was unable to come to January’s meeting to discuss the plans for the welfare/pavilion unit so the issue to be moved to next meeting. ACTION Alex to email DFC to get an update for the next DTRA meeting.

6. Over 50’s group

• Ian, Chair of DCA (Donnington Community Association) and Phil (bar manager) have not yet got back to Cecily regarding the bar area door being open before 11am on Tuesdays for the Over 50s group. In the meantime, Cecily has spoken to Diane Long about using Donnington Doorstep as a temporary venue for Over 50s members to use while waiting to enter the Community Centre. Cecily will talk to all the over 50’s to see what they want to do.

• The Community Information day will be on 3rd April from 10.30am-1pm. Cecily has been in touch with all local groups to get together to help each other out. Alex to see if the Craft Day could also be held on 3rd April. Cecily to send Simon and Justine at Council the Over 50s Newsletter to help get more people involved. Maggie Lewis from Neighbourhood Watch is also happy to put DTRA and Over 50’s events into her newsletters to help spread the word.

ACTIONS: Cecily to talk to over 50’s regarding using Donnington Doorstep. Alex to see if the Craft Day can be on 3rd April.

7. DTRA Action Plan

• As Donnington is the only Tenants and Residents Association currently standing in Oxford, we are being more closely scrutinised by Council. Alex said that we need to get new policies in place ready for the next AGM as per the Action Plan discussed in December. Hopefully when all is in place, this will lead to further grants. We need to get more tenants involved with the DTRA; also will need a new treasurer as Bernie will be standing down this year.

• Meeting also discussed looking at a member from DTRA to join the DCA so both can work together and do more for the community. Maybe after DTRA meetings attendees have a raffle and drink to encourage more people into coming? ACTION: All to get more people involved with DTRA.

8. AOB

Maggie handed out leaflets for Cowley History Group for everyone to see.

9. Next Meeting.

The next DTRA meeting will be 7pm Wednesday 12th February 2020 at Donnington community centre. ALL WELCOME.

DTRA Committee: Alex Lipinski (chair and newsletter), Jeremy Hughes (vice-chair), Berni Sordillo (treasurer), Karen Chahal (Secretary), Cecily Kirtland, Chris Madden, David Newman, David Williams