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DTRA Minutes 11 September 2019

Attendees – Alex Lipinski (Chair), Berni Sordillo (Treasurer), Jeremy Hughes (vice chair), Cecily Kirtland, Gloria Badcock, Karen Chahal, Pete Bennett, Wendy Hill, David Williams, Chris Madden, John Corble, David Newman, Diana Long (Donnington Doorstep), Sophie Jordan (Donnington Doorstep), Maggie Lewis (Neighbourhood Watch), Cllr Richard Tarver

Apologies – Tom Harlos, Cllr Sobia Afridi, Cllr Damian Haywood, Cllr Steve Curran

1. Introductions

Everyone was welcomed. As there was no secretary, Jeremy chaired and Alex took the minutes.

2. Minutes from previous meeting

· Cecily raised the overlong tree branches at the corner of Donnington Bridge Rd and Arnold Rd. ACTION: Cllr Tarver to follow up.

· Alex to liaise with Co-op shop to discuss a community noticeboard. ACTION: Alex to follow up.

3. Accounts & TRA (Tenants and Residents Association) update

· We are low on unrestricted funds after paying the Donnington Day costs, but are expecting a new grant soon. We also paid back £1k to St Michael and All Saints Charities as the Picnic and Play project did not proceed.

· Alex and Berni met with Simon Warde (Council Tenancy Involvement Manager) now that DTRA is the last TRA remaining in Oxford. We have been asked to update our TRA constitution, monitor the number of tenants that come to meetings/events, and adopt an equal opportunities and code of conduct policy. ACTION: Alex to oversee the action plan by our next AGM in April.

4. Tenants’ Training workshop

As part of encouraging tenants to engage with the community, Justine from the Council’s Tenants Involvement Team will arrange a Craft Training Day at the community centre for tenants. ACTION: Justine to let DTRA know the dates and to advertise it locally. Cecily to let John know about it too.

5. Donnington Doorstep

Diane gave an update on Donnington Doorstep family centre. Last year the centre faced a difficult funding situation but this year as a result of fundraising, Doorstep’s services have resumed to previous levels. The family Drop-In has grown to 3 times a week, with an active baby group. The Youth Club is also continuing to grow. Diane said it would be great to see the establishment of a cooking club for older and young people. Maybe even a music club. The Board had to take the decision to close the pre-school service because take up was dropping across Oxford. By closing down the pre-school the board felt they could save the rest of the organisation. So the rest of Doorstep is doing well. Diane said that the centre is looking for new trustees. Cecily asked about intergeneration activities, specifically using grandparents (Over 50s) to help with Doorstep’s children activities. ACTION: Cecily to invite Diane to talk at an Over 50s meeting to see how both organisations can be involved; e.g. getting parents involved in the Silver Surfer computer club.

6. Donnington Community Music Festival

This year Jeremy is arranging the Festival on Saturday 19 October. He enquired if Doorstep could help in the afternoon with the children’s activity as well as help with selling food too (incl. vegetarian option). Sophie said she will see about helping with children activities but Doorstep’s cook is away. Berni suggested Bridge Stores as an alternative food provider. He said that that Donnington Community Association also do catering. ACTIONS: Jeremy/Sophie to liaise on the children’s activities programme. Jeremy/Alex to liaise on advertising for volunteers for the festival.

7. IT project update

Cecily talked about the IT project. She wants to expand the project to 2-3 days and recruit a project manager as well as more volunteers to enable the project to outreach into the community e.g. at Remy Place and at local sheltered housing. David also briefed meeting on the latest developments. Asda has awarded the Over 50s group 1k for the project. And the Over 50s group have the equipment. What the project is short of are people, both volunteers and someone to organise volunteers. Also there is a need for funding for an IT project manager. David said ideally we need a 3 year project. ACTION: Alex to send potential grant fund information to Cecily and David.

8. Green Space project

There has been no movement on this over the summer, so will be discussed at the next meeting.

9. Neighbourhood Watch (NW)

Maggie (NW Oxford coordinator) briefed meeting on the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. The scheme is about living in safe neighbourhoods. NW does this by linking up neighbours. The benefits of becoming a neighbour watch member is that it’s free, members receive safety information and they also receive discounts from selected retailers. To sign up as the street coordinator one needs to sign up 5 street members first. The idea is that the street coordinator is the eyes and ears for the police. Members report information to the street coordinator who then passes it on. Cecily asked whether Neighbourhood Watch stickers could be put up on lampposts. Maggie says you need a coordinator first. Arnold Rd has a coordinator. Sophie said that Donnington Doorstep had experienced some break-ins. Also around the car park and rec. ground sometimes there are needles left on the ground. Chris asked if Doorstep had a security camera, as if not then DTRA might be able to assist with funding for one. Maggie said not to pick up needles and let police know. If it doesn’t get reported, police won’t know so please report everything. ACTIONS: Maggie to compile crime stats for the area and to pass to Cecily.

10. Rec. ground update

· City Council emailed DTRA about the welfare station and declined the project. Alex thanked Cllr Tarver for following with Council during the summer. ACTIONS: Alex and DFC to meet to discuss a measured response to Council’s email. Alex to let Cllrs Heywood and Afridi know too.

· Karen asked about becoming the DFC keyholder for the rec. ground main gate. Berni who had borrowed the key from Chris for Donnington Day, handed the key over to Karen and Chris was given back his deposit that he had originally paid to Council for the key. ACTION: Karen to liaise with Council to be the new named key person.

11. AOB

· Cecily said that the Over 50s group raised £167 for McMillan Cancer Trust – many local tenants attended.

· Pete said that the entrance to the Rec. Ground was being used a waste dump. Also that there had been motorbike activity on the field. ACTION: Cllr Tarver to see if a ‘motorcycle prohibited’ sign can be put up at the Rec. Ground and also mention it on Council’s website.

12. Next Meeting:

The next DTRA meeting will be at 7pm, Wed 9 Oct, Donnington Community Centre. ALL WELCOME!

DTRA Committee: Alex Lipinski (chair and newsletter), Jeremy Hughes (vice-chair), Berni Sordillo (treasurer), secretary (Karen Chahal), Cecily Kirtland, Chris Madden, David Newman, David Williams