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DTRA AGM and Minutes 8 May 2019

Attendees – Alex Lipinski (Chair), Cecily Kirtland, Wendy Hill, John Corble, Gloria Badcock, Simon Barnard, Karen Chahal, Chris Madden, Jeremy Hughes, David Williams, Carole Richards, Tom Harlos, Aimee Winkfield, Sophie Jordan, Jesus Escalona, Cllr Richard Tarver, Cllr Steve Curran

Apologies – Su Frizzell (Vice chair), Berni Sordillo (Treasurer), Caroline Gow, David Newman, Pete Bennett, Sue Rowe, Diana Long, Elize Benjamin, Cllr Sobia Afridi, Cllr Damian Haywood

1. Introductions

Everyone was welcomed. As there was no secretary, Jeremy chaired and Alex took the minutes.

2. Chair’s report on 2018-19

Alex gave a retrospective view of the year. He highlighted 4 achievements: a) Friends of Meadow Lane Nature Park became very active, including holding an event with BBOWT and planting a community orchard; b) Discussing the Triangle green space with the Council’s Estates Dept and getting the community to oversee it; c) the Community Music group celebrating its 10th anniversary, and d) the new website. Another highlight just announced was that of point 6. Cecily thanked Alex for his contribution during the year.

3. Election of Committee

The Committee were elected as follows:

Chair – Alex Lipinski (Cecily nominated, Jeremy seconded)

Vice chair – Jeremy Hughes (Alex nominated, Cecily seconded)

Treasurer – Berni Sordillo (Alex nominated, Jeremy seconded)

Secretary – vacant

Members: Cecily Kirtland (Gloria nominated, Wendy seconded); Chris Madden (David W nominated, Jeremy seconded); David Williams (Cecily nominated, Jeremy seconded); David Newman (Alex nominated, Cecily seconded)

Alex thanked Su, who stood down as vice chair, for her service on the committee. It was decided to leave the Secretary vacant until we had a dedicated volunteer.

4. Minutes from previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted. Matters arising:

  • Cllr Tarver reported that the street lights by the community centre were repaired.
  • He is also checking the lack of visibly of the no-entry sign at the T- junction of Freelands Rd and Arnold Rd, which Berni told him about (The sign is hard to see from Arnold Rd side).

5. Accounts

We have 1k unrestricted.

6. Certificate of Honour Award

Cecily spoke about her appreciation and surprise at being nominated for a Certificate of Honour Award, to celebrate volunteering. She receive the award at this year’s Town Hall ceremony. The citation was for founding the Over 50s group 9 years ago. Cecily thanked Alex and Wendy for nominating her, and Gloria for helping with the group. Meeting gave Cecily a round of applause.

7. Donnington Day (and Community Information Day)

· Alex briefed the meeting on Donnington Day. The application, site plan and risk assessment was submitted to Council and is being appraised. The plan is to have events happening at the rec. ground and at the Sea Cadets hall. Donnington FC will host the football 11am-1pm. Donnington Doorstep will host the children’s activities 1-5pm. Jeremy will arrange a busking tent from 1-5pm. The Over 50s group will host a Community Information Day at the Sea Cadets hall from 2pm-5pm. The hall will also act as back-up venue in case of rain.

· Sophie from Donnington Doorstep was introduced, as was Aimee (the Rose Hill Newsletter editor). Both have been invited to join the planning committee.

· Sophie suggested that the children’s activities should focus on arts and crafts. She will discuss ideas with Doorstep’s member’s groups and get them involved. Meeting agreed. ACTION: Doorstep to plan children’s arts and craft activities.

· Aimee agreed to help with publicity for the event, including the poster, press, radio and social media campaign. She suggested using low cost flyers are a good way to advertise. Simon also offered to use his social media networks to publicise the event. Alex said he will prepare a newsletter to be distributed to all households in Donnington. ACTION: Aimee to prepare the poster. Alex to edit the June newsletter. All to use social media to advertise.

· Jeremy asked about getting a large gazebo for the busking tent. David suggested asking the Woodcraft Folk. ACTION: David to ask Woodcraft Folk for their gazebo.

· Alex asked about tables and gazebos for the stalls. David said he can bring 3 small tables and 3 gazebos for the stalls. Sophie said Doorstep has 2 tables we can borrow. ACTION: Alex to check with DCA and Sea cadets for tables to borrow on the day.

· Alex noted the issue of catering was an issue as Council did not approve the BBQ idea. Cecily suggested Waste2taste as an alternative. Simon suggested Donnington FC provides drinks and water like they usually do on Saturdays. ACTIONS: Cecily to contact Waste2Taste. Simon to investigate DFC providing drinks and water.

8. Green Space Project

· Tom gave a report on the Green Space project. A subcommittee was advertised and the group met to discuss turning the draft management plan into an action plan.

· The space behind Cavell Rd is much tidier then before. People have fixed their fences. Someone has built up the existing barrier to the path so cannot it be got through. Clearing the area will need to wait until the end of the nesting season. Tom spoke to Council’s Countryside Ranger, who arranged the removal of some broken rec. ground fence.

· Tom’s consultations with a landscape gardener suggested that water access would be an issue for the herb garden, and a fruit orchard might be a better project; there being no path and shade at the proposed area. If we persevere with herb garden, we can work with RAW to provide raised beds. In order to get a cost we need to decide on the size of the beds.

· Discussion ensured. David W. suggested fruit trees and bushes rather than a herb garden. He said the location doesn’t suggest a herb garden. Cecily suggested Tom talk to Sue at Friends of Meadow Lane Nature Park as they planted a community orchard. Alex said that we need a project leader to take the project forward. There is interest in next boxes. In the meantime can move ahead with making space safer. ACTION: Alex to ask Sue to take things forward.

9. Rec. Ground

· Chris highlighted the need for Donnington FC to regularly check the ground for needles.

· Donnington FC met with Council to discuss removing any remaining fence spikes sticking out.

10. AOB

· Chris said that he has stood down from Donnington FC.

· John raised two issues in Townsend Sq. A rubbish bag was discarded in the public area. Also John is trying to obtain lavender for the planters. Cecily is helping John liaise with Council.

11. Next meeting dates:

1. Donnington Day planning meeting at 7pm, Tue 14 May, Donnington Doorstep

2. Next DTRA meeting at 7pm, Wed 12 June, Donnington Community Centre. All welcome.

DTRA Committee: Alex Lipinski (chair and newsletter), Jeremy Hughes (vice-chair), Berni Sordillo (treasurer), secretary (vacant), Cecily Kirtland, Chris Madden, David Newman, David Williams